Farewell to our former CEO

There is a time to meet…. And a time to say goodbye.

It is that time when we bid farewell to our CEO, Mr Kenneth Hlasa, fondly known as Ntate, after a five and half year dedicated service to ESAAG. When he joined the secretariat, Ntate was not new to ESAAG, having served as an Accountant General of Lesotho before. Sadly, the departure was unplanned, as he has to attend to some personal matters.

Ntate we miss you already your leadership, lightheartedness and humor. Unfortunately your departure happens  at a time of transition, Joburg to Lusaka and ESAAG to AAAG. Maybe its not a bad thing after all, maybe we wont have time to reminisce as our hands are full.

We wish you all the best in your future.

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